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Michigan’s teen sensation, BlueSkye, is spearheading a new wave in the local music scene. Despite her young age, she has already crafted over 20 diverse songs, a testament to her belief in the power of family, resilience, and good old-fashioned fun in today's complex world.


Her journey in music took a surprising turn at the tender age of two when she accidentally swallowed a penny, which became lodged in her vocal cords for eight hours. Coincidence or not, BlueSkye likes to attribute her strong singing voice to this incident, keeping the "lucky penny" as a cherished memento ever since. With this stroke of luck and a reservoir of talent, she's making waves in the industry.


From serenading the backyard chickens in her childhood home to belting the National Anthem at sports events and gracing the stage at music festivals alongside renowned artists like Alan Turner, BlueSkye has fearlessly embraced the spotlight since the age of four. When it comes to stage fright, her philosophy is simple: embrace the moment, laugh through the mistakes, and enjoy the ride.


As a Nashville recording artist, she has released two original tracks, "America's Middle Class" and "Sweet Potato Pie," available for download. Her local recordings include the emotionally charged "Color Me Pink," dedicated to her mother's battle with breast cancer, the country-infused single "Maybe There’s A Reason," and the vibrant southern rock anthem "American Carol," co-written with her father James Moss and Greg Stryker. The latter was mixed by GRAMMY winner Kevin Sharpe and produced by Alan Turner, showcasing her versatility and creative range.


Her talent has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by her receipt of the prestigious Nicole B. Tate / Miriam Makeba Rising Star Award from the Herizon Music Foundation in December 2021. Her original music video for "America’s Middle Class" struck a chord with the judges, earning her a scholarship, a feature on the podcast "Backstage Chats With Women In Music," virtual concert bookings, a personalized website design, and promotional photo shoots.


Optimistic and determined, BlueSkye firmly believes in manifesting her destiny: "I believe you are what you think. You will see me at the top of the charts someday!" With her unwavering spirit, it's clear that for her, The Skye’s The Limit.


About BlueSkye

"BlueSkye is our Tate-Makeba Rising Star Award winner for good reason. Her future is bright!” 

Thea Wood

HHerizon Music Foundation

Blue Skye Band.png

Meet the Band

BlueSkye- Rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Stephanie- Lead guitar, back up vocals
Wyatt- Bassists, back up vocals
Luke- Drummer


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